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HERE'S WHAT'S NEW, of a more "personal nature"

[as of July 2008, and what has now become years prior...]



I dedicated Slings & Things "to all those who remember my name..." and that, and all of you, matters more to me than I can say otherwise.

Folks, there have been a lot of things during my day, for the past three years, that have kept me from getting done what I can. Those days are winding down. I got very far behind and then new things always crop up. It's hard sometimes to get back on track. I've been working hard as I can on new books and will have more up and ready soon.

I'm working also to expand the web site. Problem here has been making too many changes without first knowing I'll be able to keep up with it. I really (really, really) hate telling you all I am or can do something and then not do it. That happens, and it’s never intentional. It’s just a symptom of having lots to do and an undying urge to get them done, but sometimes as my Great Aunt Neva said, my eyes are bigger than my stomach… My plans and goals are bigger sometimes than the feasibility of finishing monster projects on a monthly basis.

Look soon for an expanded Z-Bay and the potential for us to buy, sell, or trade used shooting equipment. I think that would be a good service for us all. There are also liable to be some hardware for sale. Stay tuned.

Some of the new material I've been working with will start showing up on these pages, so keep checking. It's good stuff.

I'm always trying to update my mailing list, so if you want to get on it, make sure to drop me an e-mail and let me know.


Good Mr. Jeff John, editor of GUNS Magazine, decided to give me a department in their magazine. It's called "Up on ARs" and I really like doing it. I have a chance now to show "them" some of what "we" know. I'm having fun with that. My department runs every other issue (it's a monthly).

I did a feature for them that actually appeared on the cover of the January 2007 issue. The featured rifle is one I had built for "ARII" and is a short-course rifle chambered in .222. It's awesome. Gary Eliseo was the builder. I can't say enough about this man. If you're looking for a professional to do a gun, here he would be.

I've been doing a ton of magazine work. I've been affiliated with Rifle Shooter magazine and did a good deal of work for them, including a fair amount of contributions to their "Book of the AR15" specialty publication. David Tubb has been doing a department, "Precision Riflery," for a good while. It's worth a good look. It's a good magazine.

Miracles never cease when you're on a roll. I actually got a call from Guns & Ammo and did an article on, guess what, AR15s! I never thought I'd be around in flesh form long enough to get that call. I was happy about it and hope I did a good job for them. Any opportunity to get out some information from a competitive shooter's perspective is, I think, well worth the doing.

I'm elated over this attention and opportunity. Check out some of these publications. From my perspective, they are really trying to expand their content to talk about things of interest to us.




For what it's worth. Make it "cool." Shooting sports that is. Talk about girls and NCAA and Olympics and give them some gear with colors. That matters, or does to pre-teens (and even more to teens).

Since we've been working with the program, I've had several kids from my kid's school now want to particpate, and have the PE teachers and coaches looking at shooting as a game. Kids like to play.

I took the local 4-H shooting program two years ago and will continue on as long as they'll let me. For years and years I told everyone to let themselves into the life of a young shooter and see reward. It was done for me and I'm doing as best I can now for others. I had been involved in junior programs before but not had the opportunity to get square into it from the ground up.

We won't have shooting sports if we don't have shooters and I will tell you that I'm all in favor of the 4-H brand of programs. There are also great things from National Guard, Boy Scouts, and, of course, NRA. CMP has even more to look into. I'm currently trying to get ahead enough to get a year-around program (using NRA) started to help some of my kids who really want that. I have a few who honestly deserve it. The only problem with National Guard and 4-H is that they are akin to a "unit" type program that runs its course in so much time and then culminates in a project finale.

My program area was air rifle and air pistol, for all ages. If you all aren't familiar with 4-H programs, click on this link to go learn more. I had a total of 22 kids to keep ahead of and donated four new rifles and three pistols, plus some needed accessory gear, to get them going at the pace I wanted to see. We had a blast, no one thought they were learning anything, and I don't recollect using the word "win" once, but... The outcomes were overwhelming for me. We had four first-place winners, two second-place winners, and two third-place winners. That was all from one county. Yalobusha (that's a real word) County hadn't won anything in years past. I'm proud of my kids and proud of myself.

My son, Matthew and (new) daughter, Morgan, are my best shooters. They are now 9. Matthew won the match this year (second in a row) and Morgan was second in precision rifle, second in sporter rifle, and first in sporter pistol. Matthew also won in precision air pistol. Of course, I did get them good gear. Who wouldn't think that? I did some wise shopping and set out to prove my contention that good equipment furthers a shooter way on faster than "beginner's" tools. So far it's working. It's much easier to teach a child when the rifle is good enough to teach him for you. You get what you hold for in a good gun. One mo brag and then I’ll stop. As far as we can research, Matthew holds the highest score I could find posted in the competition nationally. He had 297/300 in precision rifle, including one 100 with 10 centers. That was in our district event.

That's him due west. He's especailly proud of the "Distinguished Expert" patch.


When being a nice guy isn't always so nice...

I unintentionally caused some problems for some of you, and those were due to problems caused for me, or let's say they were out of my control. I'm speaking specifically about some liasons I truly believed in that turned out to be problems. I won't say mistakes, but just that they didn't work like I had anticipated.

Folks, I don't know what happened to or with Tippie Competition. I know Lew, I like Lew, and I wouldn't hesitate to have him do a rifle for me. I don't know what to blame it on but evidently Lew wasn't able to keep Tippie Competition going. I heard all kinds of rumors about all kinds of things, and can only say that, from my perspective, I'll only go with what Lew tells me, and whatever that is stays between me and Lew.

When I tell someone what I do, or who I use to do it, that's a recommendation. I may not intend it as such, but honesty and fact are always a part of what I owe anyone who reads anything I do. There are a lot of good rifle builders and parts makers and I acknowledge most strongly those I use, or would use when needs arise.

I've told myself that I should be more careful recommending people and parts, but then, on the other hand, I think there's a responsibility for honesty and I don't want to ever be the sort who won't divulge opinion just because I can't know what everyone's experience will be. I have spent many, many, many words in print telling you all just that, and here we go again. I will speak from my experience or those I trust for good opinions. I can't, however, ever, ever say that my experience will be the same as yours.

I have also learned that there's no way to please everyone, and to answer such I always fall back on the ultimate truth: it worked well for me and I spent my own money on it. I'm guilty of getting excited about something new that seems to be, to me, a great way to go. I'm sure about the thing, unfortunately, often more times that I'm sure about the source for it.

There are a few folks I think you'd like. Go see them on this page.

Let's tell some more truth. You might want to know this.

Folks in my position, which is those who have some opinion and information to share with a good number of others, are frequently treated pretty well by builders and manufacturers. I seek out, purchase, and use only those things I want in the first place. If you see or read about specific things, they were often sent to me for evaluation -- after I asked for them, specifically. I can't see or use everything or everyone, and this gets back to doing my best to be honest first and fair second. Fair to you but not always to "them," if that makes any sense. If not, this will: I'll tell you if such and such barrel is good but I can't care a lot if such and such other barrel maker took exception to my "recommending" his competitor's barrel. I didn't not recommend the other one, just didn’t use it.